Can you hear this silent GIF?

Do you hear the THUD as the transmission tower jumps the cable?

It is possible to hear ‘motion’.

And you can ‘hear’ with your eyes. It’s called the McGurk Effect.

People hear the same sound differently when it’s dubbed with a face articulating another sound.

Audio of ba ba, dubbed with a video of fa, fa, gets inferred as fa fa.

What you’re seeing clashes with what you’re hearing.

What you see overrides what you hear.

But once we close our eyes we hear the sound that it is (try it).

Ironically even when we know the illusion, it doesn’t make a difference. What we see, still overrides what we hear. 

For instance, one might know that the two lines composing the Müller-Lyer illusion are of equal length, but this does not change at all how we perceive the lines. 

One line certainly looks longer. Don’t you think?

Reality and our experience of reality are not the same thing.

This ought to be terrifying (or terriHiring)!

To think you could be judging candidates based on your perception of reality, not on reality itself. That’s bad for business.

There is a better way.

RemiPeople is your electronic blindfold. Enabling you to select ‘the best person for the job’ based on their real not perceived abilities. 

In fact it’s much more. Take a brief look.

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