A unique approach to solve your STAFF TURNOVER issues
Your staff turnover is costing you more than you think. With industry average about 40% - much higher than most sectors - each hiring mistake likely costs your business up to $40,000 (yes, we've measured it!)
young chinese man and woman work in motor manufacturing factory
Why is hiring so SLOW?
Your dealership cannot afford to wait weeks or months to fill open roles. Find your next strongest hire successfully in just days
young chinese man and woman work in motor manufacturing factory
DIVERSITY is good for dealership business.
Women influence 80% of all car purchase decisions. Yet they dislike the dealership experience because it can be blokey and intimidating. Not hard to imagine why, when only 10% of sales consultants are female. Closing this workforce diversity gap will improve customer service and drive business performance and profit
A-grade employees can be 8x MORE PRODUCTIVE
Meaning 8x more cars sold. Understanding the skills the candidate needs to get the job done is the key to finding A-grade employees

RemiPeople - The advanced recruitment system tailored to automotive dealerships

RemiPeople advanced recruitment systems uses proven methodology and technology designed to quickly get to the right candidates saving you time and money, helping you build the strongest possible team.

Clients we work with

Have a look at some of our clients who have used RemiPeople advanced recruitment systems to successfully build their teams.

Automotive holdings group

RemiPeople supported a number of Victoria and Tasmania dealerships in fleet sales, aftersales and finance roles.


A RemiPeople advocate changed roles and had her new employer starting using the app for their recruitment needs.

Dutton Garage

RemiPeople proved a great time saver when dealing with the many hundreds of applications received for vacant administration roles.

Tynan Motors

Provided additional consultancy support to this large dealership group by assisting with their recruitment marketing strategy.

Maughan Thiem

Successfully used RemiPeople to recruit both junior and senior roles including sales, administration, Finance & Insurance, service and parts.

Sunshine Toyota

RemiPeople helped Sunshine Toyota automate their robust but time-consuming recruiting process. Automation meant they could secure top candidates faster.

National Capital Motors

RemiPeople supported this leading ACT based dealership recruit a diverse range of roles across the group.

Canberra Motors Cycles

Our first motorcycle client has used RemiPeople for a range of finance and sales roles plus our first café manager role

DriveCo (Frankston Toyota)

Our founding partner helped us tailor RemiPeople to enhance the automotive recruitment process. In return they improved gender diversity and cut hiring costs.

Grand Motors Toyota

As a dealership that doesn’t have the support of a HR manager, we not only provide RemiPeople technology but also recruitment consultancy services.

Cox Automotive

Using RemiPeople encouraged Cox Automotive to employee a culturally diverse candidate who otherwise wouldn’t have been considered.

How Does RemiPeople advanced recruitment systems work?

When you engage RemiPeople for your next hire we help devise a set of crucial and telling screening questions based on the role to be filled. Garnered from years of recruitment experience in the automotive retail industry together with psychological insights, these questions are linked to applicants via our proprietary RemiPeople app. Based on your scoring, the app evaluates and ranks applicants, notfying those that did not make the grade, and diarising interviews for those that did.

We then help provide you with a second set of pre-loaded questions for the interviews as well as a comprehensive assessment tool. Once completed, the scores are loaded and the best performers are filtered to the top, giving you objective data to make the best unbiased hire.

For a more detailed insight into the proven RemiPeople process, click below, or watch the following video:

1 - Source

We’ve designed assessments for 30+ different roles you’ll find in a car dealership.

We help you create the ideal screening questions using our deep expertise and industry knowledge.

Candidates complete an online questionnaire, which assesses the job-related skills you require.

Much like your customers take a test drive when car shopping, creating mini-work challenges, real life workplace scenarios, allows you to objectively see who should progress to interview.

Not only is this so much quicker than trawling through hundreds of CVs looking for relevant information, you progress higher quality genuine candidates to the interview stage.

2 - Filter

5300+ applicants have been screened via RemiPeople.

We help you remove the time and effort required to evaluate the many answers from the many more candidates.

Our structured scoring system allows you to rate candidates very easily and quickly. What’s more, this is done anonymously, so you can focus on the important stuff – like whether candidates have the skills to do the job.

Results are automatically uploaded into a dashboard where top scorers, those you care about most, filter to the top of the list. In this way, you can easily identify who should proceed to interview.

Conveniently with just one click, you’re able to send automated emails to the many candidates you have to reject. Doing this with empathy and consistency helps retain your companies reputation.

3 - Interview

200+ roles have been places with RemiPeople!

We can help you design the right interview questions for each dealership role along with empowering your employees to commit to the gold-standard interview process.

Using our structured interview wizard, you can double (2X) your chances that the best person is selected for the job.

Functionalities such as scheduling interview times, prepping interviewers and scoring interviewees in real-time offers the highest quality at speed.

4 - Select

100+ companies trust RemiPeople.

We provide you with a scorecard summarising how each candidate performed at each stage of the recruitment process.

Armed with objective and relevant information which distinguishes candidates you can make the best decision on who you’d like to make an offer to.

Having gone through the process and armed with data, you are able to reflect and refine your recruitment process, which in time can be a source of competitive advantage.

We’ve helped dealerships across Australia recruit for
28 different roles. Clearly each role requires specific subsets of skills

RemiPeople understands the right questions to
ask to help select the ideal people for each of these diverse roles

  • New Car Sales Consultant
  • Used Car Sales Consultant
  • Trainee Sales Consultant
  • Aftersales Consultant
  • Finance & Insurance Business Manager
  • Guest Services Manager
  • Fleet Coordinator
  • Transport Coordinator
  • Dealership Accountant
  • Graduate Accountant
  • Financial Controller
  • Chief Financial Officer
  • General Manager
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Accounts Payable
  • Receptionist
  • HR Manager
  • Digital Marketer
  • Cafe Manager
  • Service Advisor
  • Assistant Service Manager
  • Service Manager
  • Technician
  • Parts Interpretor
  • Service Concierge
  • Stock Controller
  • Costing Clerk
  • Workshop Controller


Choose how RemiPeople can best build your strongest team.


RemiPeople guided setup for all new dealership roles, including assistance and advice with role set up, selection of expert job skills screening, and structured online interview questions


per role


Set up your own roles, skills screening, structured interview questions using experience from the RemiPeople app first hand, tailored to your desired results


per role

*Once we’ve helped you setup one role you can duplicate and modify this role for future vacancies for $349.

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How does RemiPeople remove bias?

Imagine throwing out the recruitment rule book. Instead, the decision on who to hire is based on a name and a photograph. Whilst this might sound absurd, research reveals this isn’t far from the truth 😳

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