Make your female colleagues feel GREAT this International Women’s Day by sending her a card. Not any old card, but a card with clout! Make a pledge, to ensure work life is fair and equal for all.

This years theme is #eachforequal. Let’s all play our part. We can actively choose to challenge stereotypes, fight bias, broaden perceptions, improve situations and celebrate women’s achievements.

Below are 9 congratulatory cards you can send to the women you know. All for FREE.

Each card contains an action you can start immediately.

Send different cards to different women or send them all the same card. Either send them directly (via Messenger or WhatsApp) or tag them in a social media post (hover over the card and select your preferred social media channels).

Now is your turn to take action.

From Bystander To Upstander

Let women know you’re willing to stick up for them, exactly when they need it most.

Choosing Impact Over Impressions

When you first meet someone and find yourself labelling them, stop and challenge the label. For example if you’re interviewing a mature candidate and find yourself thinking they’ll be ‘ slow and stubborn’, instead challenge this label -where did it come from? think of someone who is mature but ‘fast and flexible’.

Willing To Share Office ‘Housework’

Critically consider your own thinking and behaviour in everyday work life. Can you do more to help out?

Tackling Flexism

Make it known you are proud to take on flexible working and parental leave. Be a role model.

Balanced Shortlists

Intentionally seek out difference.

Breaking Up With Merit

It’s a love affair that must end!

Amplifying Women’s Voices

Give women the credit they deserve.

Having Difference Find A Seat At The Table

Equality is not treating people equally but individually.

Great Privilege. Great Responsibility

Share your connections, relationships and organisational resources.

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