With Easter fast approaching here’s a word search for you to ponder during the break.

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Turns out Easter can tell us a lot about recruitment…..

Blind hunt A fair hunt means a blind hunt

????A blind hunt using beeping or talking eggs allows blind or visually impaired children to enjoy one of Easters favourite traditions, the egg hunt.

????‍✈️Blind recruitment is where candidate demographics are anonymised during the screening (hunting) process. This prevents bias so you can refocus on who is best for the job.

Hot X talent They’re hot so don’t delay

???? Hot Cross Buns are one of my favourite Easter treats. Sadly only available for just a few short months each year.

????Similarly hot talent doesn’t hang around and can be snapped up in just 10 days. This requires an efficient and effective hiring process that helps you uncover the best quality candidates in the shortest possible time.

Brain candy“It’s what your mind is hungry for”

????During the Easter holiday, chocolate and candy become an offical food group. Anyone for chocolate and candy at breakfast, lunch and dinner?

????When it comes to hiring, our brains are hungry for shortcuts. Meaning we often make poor choices. To outsmart your hiring brain you need a 3rd party, a tech centric tool to help.

Career track – Staying on track

⚖️Scared about overindulging this Easter? Staying on track means skipping the chocolates and treats during the months before Easter has even kicked off (anyone told the supermarkets that Easter is only a 4 day weekend not months long?). Decide upfront when and how much you’ll eat over the weekend, stick to it and gift any leftovers.

????To attract quality candidates, offer them a career not just a job.

Choc coated – If it’s too good to be true, then it probably is

????During Easter do you prefer ‘quality’ chocolate over ‘quantity’ of chocolate? For me it’s quality, for my kids it’s quantity of course.

????During the recruitment process hiring teams can fall for the lure of a ‘choc coated’ resume and the first impressions made by a candidate at interview. Both very poor predictors of on the job performance.

Cross out bias “You’re bias, so am I”

✝️Easter is a very important date in the Christian calendar, representing the crucifixion of Jesus Christ and his resurrection 3 days later.

❌The recruitment process is rampant with bias which needs to be crossed out if companies want to enjoy the many significant benefits that result from making better hiring decisions.

Egg on your face Mistakes you should avoid

????For many, it’s customary to indulge in one too many chocolate eggs for Easter.

????Having a refined hiring process is only one of the many ways that you can avoid getting egg on your face and not making a massive recruitment mistake.

Family matters Work- life balance

????‍????‍????‍????Easter is a welcome 4-day holiday and a time for families to come together.

????‍????To attract the best candidates think about how you can offer a better work-life balance. It’s an effective way to not only attract but retain staff.

Good eggGet objective

????A good Easter egg is a personal choice- Dark vs milk vs white chocolate? What’s the ideal % cocoa content? Is your preference a centre that’s hollow v’s filled? Do you like your chocolate with nuts, fruits, chilli or other additives?

????In contrast selecting a good employee should be an objective process, informed by data.

Hare brained – Get your hire brain on

????The Easter bunny or Hare is a symbol of Easter, depicted as a rabbit bringing Easter eggs.

????Recruitment lead by gut instinct is hare brained.

Heavenly hire Heaven or hell?

⛪️Easter is one of the most important dates in the Christian calendar

????Hiring better quality employees means less turnover and increased productivity driving your business performance.

Hire assortment – Choose mix

????Easter would be pretty boring if we all liked and shared the same chocolate. Thankfully that’s not a problem with such an assortment available.

????‍♀️Attracting a diverse mix of candidates, applying the principles of diversity recruitment and using data to inform hiring decisions gives your business the advantage of diversifying your workforce with top talent.

Hunt Down – Start by attracting

????Hunting down Easter eggs is an Easter Sunday tradition enjoyed by children (and adults ) globally.

????‍????Attracting top candidates means doing things differently. Relying on a job ad in SEEK, like you’ve always done won’t magically provide a different result

Leave out bias leave with benefits

⛱ Leave work behind this long weekend to enjoy valuable time with family and friends.

????For a hiring process that leaves out bias you’ll need to conduct a blind recruitment process, screen candidates ability to perform the job through work sample questions and then conduct a structured interviewing process.

Paperless trail when less is more

????When it comes to the Easter egg hunt do you leave a trail, providing clues to egg hunters?

????Automating the recruitment process has many efficiency gains and means the process can be paperless.

Recruitment Reborn a new beginning

????Easter is a very important date in the Christian calendar, representing the crucifixion of Jesus Christ and his resurrection 3 days later.

????Over 80% of Australian small to medium enterprises are unhappy with their recruitment efforts. It’s time to re-birth recruitment to yield better results. RemiPeople, a recruitment web app can help.

Sweet hiring tastes so good

????Easter is a big sweet fest that commonly lasts far longer than the 4-day holiday weekend.

????Recruitment can be sweet when you use the techniques and tools designed to give you the best results. Otherwise it’s sour and leaves a lingering bad taste.

That’s a wrap make the right choice

????How many chocolate wrappers will you and your family unwrap this Easter?

????Making the final hiring selection requires hiring teams to effectively use the objective data generated during the process to make an informed decision.

Treat them right give good experience

????Easter is filled with treats that’ll have you hopping with joy.

????Ensure you treat all candidates to a positive, respectful and fair process. Otherwise your company reputation will suffer.

Well foiled CV don’t be fooled

????Easter egg foil wrappers provides for a colourful and bright Easter. It also makes finding hidden chocolates that bit easier.

????️‍♀️Assessing CV’s to screen candidates is a overused but incorrect method to source the best talent. CV’s provide insight to a candidates credentials but not their capability to perform the job.

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