Australian Ecosystem of diversity hiring technologies

Here’s a confronting truth. One you maybe thinking doesn’t apply to you – of course you want to hire the best person for the job.

“We’re NOT looking for the best person for the job. We ARE looking for [pause] err, someone like me”

A Hiring Truth

Yet, the odds of actually achieving this is no better than chance. Whether you’re doing it internally or outsourcing some or all of the process.

It’s even got a name – The Myth of Merit. You’ll find well meaning Australian business leaders advising you to take action and no shortage of advice here and here about how to overcome it.

But progress is still small and slow.

Just look at the statistics,

For the past 20 years Australian employees continue to work in industries dominated by one gender.

  • Only 46.5% of employed Australians work in gender mixed organisations
  • 25.9% of Australian workers work in female-dominated industries (Health Care and Social Assistance and Education and Training) and this is only increasing
  • 27.6 % work in male-dominated industries (Construction and Transport) recorded a decline in female representation, while others (including Mining, and Electricity, Gas, Water and Waste Services) recorded growth

Despite this gender segregation, men dominate still in leadership roles across all industries.

In fact there are now more ‘Andrews’ leading ASX 200 organisations as CEOs, than there are women.

By the way, that’s the fair skinned Andrew.

With Ninety-five per cent of senior executives and CEOs from Anglo-Celtic or European background, according to the Australian Human Rights Commission.

So little has changed in two decades. Isn’t it time for a different approach?

Absolutely, according to Australian entrepreneurs, who’ve built innovative technology enabled solutions to tackle such stubborn problems.

We’ve curated a list of 13 tech tools to help you overcome the weaknesses of the recruiting process.

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Each is ‘made in Australia’ and designed to expose your business to a broader more diverse talent pool and rewrite the wrongs of the recruitment process.

Let’s firstly look at the breadth of diversity hiring tools.

The Australian ecosystem of diversity hiring tools is dominated by job boards helping employers attract diversity in all its forms. Including women, mature aged workers, refugees, LGBTI, indigenous and job seekers with a dis-ability.

We’ve also singled out those job boards that allow employers to tap into a flexible workforce. It’s well documented that offering flexible work arrangements is such a powerful way to attract diversity.

Finally we share de-biasing software that supports employers to mitigate the harmful effects of hiring bias.

The Australian Ecosystem of Diversity Hiring Technology


Rather than sticking with the same job boards and channels why not consider these alternatives offering you access to a more diverse range of talent. 

  1. Attract mature job seekers through Older Workers

2. Attract LGBTI Job seekers through LGBTI Jobs

LGBTI Jobs overview

3. Attract refugees through Refugee Talent

Meet the founders

4. Attract job seekers with a dis-ability through Toozly

Toozly overview

5. & 6. Attract indigenous job seekers through Our Mob and Indigenous Employment Australia

Indigenous job board

7. Access female job seekers wanting to balance work and family with WORK180

Work180 overview
Meet the founders


These four sites provides access to a workforce unwilling and unable to work the traditional 9-5 job. As a result you get access to a broader talent pool to select from.

8. Puffling

Meet the founders

9. Flexcareers

Australian job board for flexibility

10. Beam

11. & 12. Enterprise matching software – Gemini3 and Jobs Shared

Australian job share technology


RemiPeople is the only Australian tool we uncovered, offering employers a tech enabled way to strip away unconscious bias from the recruitment process.

Where you screen candidates by verifying their skills to do the job. All done anonymously, without the resume, removing the negative influence of irrelevant demographic details.

Also included is a digitally enabled structured interviewing process – the gold standard when it comes to mitigating bias from the interview process.

RemiPeople overview
Meet the founder of RemiPeople

[bonus] Get The List: [link] Click here to download [/link] Your Copy of 13 Australian Diversity Hiring Tools [/bonus]

What hasn’t been included, are assessment tools providing a broad range of data points to evaluate candidates. Sufficient controversy surrounds these tools at to whether they exacerbate or reduce bias we’ve elected to not include them in this list. This is an area for further research.

Please let me know ([email protected]) if you’re aware of any other Australian diversity hiring technology that should be included in this list.

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