Two things struck me about the automotive retailing industry. Issues I’d not seen before in my 20+year diverse corporate career, covering sales, marketing and executive leadership.

Firstly, employee turnover was the worst I’d seen. Hiring mistakes were common and little was being done to stamp out these costly mistakes.

Secondly, 50% of the dealership’s customers didn’t want to visit or deal with a dealership directly because they felt intimated by the blokey experience. Addressing the poor representation of females in the automotive retailing workforce is a key driver to boost dealership performance.

I even surprised myself (!) when I found one solution to address these two stubborn problems stunting dealership growth.

This makes it sound easy. It wasn’t. I spent months reading and researching the best most practical solution to help dealerships like yours find the right new hires to build the best possible team. What I also uncovered was, to achieve this, removing unconscious bias from the recruitment process was critical. What’s more this would ultimately resolve the frustration female customers have towards traditional car dealerships.

I often get asked why I called it RemiPeople. Well, that’s deeply personal, but I’m happy to share! It’s affectionately named after my two children, Remy and Mimi, who inspired me in so many ways.

Since launching in 2018 I’ve come to realise that RemiPeople will lift your recruitment game. But that’s only part of the solution. Next you need to ensure you’re treating these quality employees well. That’s why I developed another sister business call M.A.D About Bias where I offer training and consulting services. If you’re interested, you can find out more here.

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